Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 9

Ok today is Day 9 WOW! I did my swf a little after 8am. I was moving slow this morning. Think I stayed up too late last night. The bad thing is I was trying to rush drinking the salt water. I stopped drinking to brush my teeth and then went back to the water I had about 1 cup left at the time. Gross alert! When I went back to drinking the salt water I vomited. Of course it was just water but that threw off my day even more. So I didn't start drinking my lemonade until about 10:30 am once I felt my stomach was settled. It's almost 1pm and I have only had 1.5 cups of lemonade. I think this will hinder me from reaching 11-12 glasses today. At least I'm not hungry and I've been tempted all morning. Poundcake in the breakroom, pumpkin bars in the news room... I just want to scream! LOL no really I'm fine. I'll check back later ant tell you how it's going.
Well I ended my day drinking my 10th cup of lemonade! So I did catch up. I again had senna tea just before bed! Well tomorrow is the last day and I am now thinking about the process of coming off the cleanse. I went to the grocery store and bought a bag of oranges and ingredients to make a vegetable soup. The first day after the cleanse you are instructed to drink fresh squeezed orange juice. Then later in the day eat oranges. So I'm prepared for that. I'll talk more about the veggie soup tomorrow!

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 8

Day 8 and two more days to go!!! I woke up at about 7:20 am because the senna tea was working from last night. I had my swf  and was having my first lemonade in the 9 o'clock hour. I realized you use a whole lot of water with this diet/detox. I need to go refill my four of my five gallons tomorrow. Today I am again prepared to be out all day. My thermos is filled with enough mixture to make 8 lemonades. I'm still pushing for 10 glasses. I'll be back later!
So it's about 11:30 pm now. Today went smoothly. I had a break in my day where I had a chance to relax and do some reading. I had six glasses of lemonade by 4pm. While at my night job I took  advantage of down time to make a lemonade so at about 6 pm I had two and at 8:15 I had another two. When I got home I had another lemonade just before I had my senna tea. So I that was a total of 11 lemonades today. I'm feeling good and thinking about the steps to coming off the liquid and moving back to solid food. I'm glad that I haven't been real hungry but I am missing food. The most annoying part of the diet/detox is having to use the bathroom so frequently. Well I'm saying goodnight now. Talk to you on day 9!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 7

Day 7 is going great! I got up at 7:40 am running to the bathroom thanks to the senna tea. I did the swf without much difficulty. The salt water is getting easier to drink and my eliminations are coming quicker which is a plus. It's hard for me to get out of the house for work in the morning when I'm not sure if I'll need to eliminate again before I make it to my destination. I had my first lemonade at about 9:30 am. This is the earliest that I have started drinking my lemonade yet. I have my thermos with 16 tablespoons of lemon juice and maple syrup.
I bought two bags of organic lemons at Walmart Supercenter last night surprisingly they were $4 a bag vs $2.78 a bag for regular lemons. I am getting low on maple syrup ( both my husband and I are doing the cleanse) So I have to go get another quart. Everything is rolling well for me so far. My goal today is to increase my lemonade by one glass from yesterday. So I need to drink 10 glasses today. I think I can do it.
I'll check back in later.
I'm back and I made my goal of drinking 10 glasses of lemonade today. I had a little challenge though. One very important thing to remember about this detox/diet is you must plan in advance. If you plan properly you can be successful. So let me explain my challenge; I was excited because I got off work early today so I went home. I put my thermos in the fridge and forgot it on the way to my second job. I was distraught. In my purse I had two 20 oz bottled water, a baggie w/cayeanne pepper, a third of a bottle of maple syrup and two different kinds of herbal tea...but no lemons. I begged for lemon slices at a resturant and had enough to make two glasses of lemonade! Problem solved!!! So I just had my senna tea and I'm off to bed. Goodnight!

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 6

Day 6 has been the best day in all of my diet days! I got up at 7:40 am and did the SWF. I had the senna tea the night before and when I woke up it was already working. I had my first lemonade at about 10 am. So I finished four glasses by 2pm. I just sipped it every time I got hungry. Yes I am still a little bit hungry but once I drink the lemonade the hunger goes away for a while as if I just had a small meal. My energy level great I am not tired or dragging. I'm not sure how much weight I have loss yet but I will be weighing  myself to see. When I got to my second job the first thing I did was have two glasses of lemonade. This was my first day back from vacation and I was a bit worried about drinking so much and needing to use the bathroom but It wasn't bad at all. So I had a total of 9 glasses of lemonade today. I ended my night with a cup of senna tea. Come on day 7!

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 5

So today is Day 5; It has been much better than day 3 or 4. I actually made it to 6 lemonade's today!!! I had 3 eliminations. I spent most of the day indoors. I was a bit worried about making my hour and a half flight home and needing to use the bathroom. But I slept the whole flight. I was not real hungry throughout the day. I have met my halfway mark to 10 days!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - days 3-4

Day 3 was a very tough day to stay focused. I had a flight at 9:50 am so I had a senna laxative tea at about 1 am and skipped this mornings swf. I had 2 eliminations.I carried my thermos with enough lemon juice and maple syrup for 6 glasses of the lemonade. I bought two 20 oz  bottles of water when I landed to make my lemonade. Being on the go all day was a real problem. No Bathroom's easily accessible. So I only had three and a half glasses (1 and a half bottles) of lemonade for the day. To make matters worst I was out with my family in a car all day while they ate.Can you imagine being stuck in a car with three other people and while you can't eat they are eating catfish nuggets, french fries and fried mushrooms? I had to smell  Hook Fish & Chicken when they had lunch and Chuck E. Cheese pizza at dinner. I just wanted to cry. Since it's winter I couldn't even roll down the window and hang my head out. But I am happy to report that I stuck to my guns and I did not eat. I stopped at GNC to get some maple syrup since it was a convenient location in downtown Pittsburgh. I asked the sales associate if they had anything else for the Master Cleanse. They did not but she was very interested in the cleanse and asked me about the ingredients and the number of days of diet. When I explained that I was only on day 3 out of 10 she just looked at me in astonishment with her mouth wide open. She then said I couldn't do that! I laughed and said " It takes a lot of will power"! I ended my day with the senna tea.

Day 4 was just as challenging. I only got about four hours of sleep and was up and out of the house by 7am. So I had to skip the swf. I had to play soccer mom for my family in the morning. By 10 am  I had some down time. I took a walk to the store to get a gallon of spring water which was 15 minutes each way. The walk back was all uphill so I got a little workout. I got in 5 glasses of lemonade! What I learned between yesterday and today is that the 20 oz bottles of water really came in handy. I can mix two lemonades in each bottle so it helps me to count and they are easy to carry around. So moving forward I will be mixing my lemonade in these bottles instead of by the glass (at least when I'm out).
 I was tempted by Red Lobster where my family decided to have dinner so I left them to eat and went Christmas shopping! When we got home I had senna tea. I am very proud of myself for sticking to the diet; at least to the best of my ability. I can't wait until Monday when I will be able to go back to my normal routine.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Diet-Day 2

Good Morning! I've made it to day 2! I am having my swf (salt water flush)right now. The book says to do the laxative tea or the swf. I prefer the swf because it doesn't make my stomach cramp as much as the tea. It's kind of disgusting to drink 4 cups of warm salt water but I have taken the advice of others and imagine I'm drinking chicken broth. I also try to drink it fast. Sometimes it's not so hard to trick your tastebuds! I have to go to work for about six hours today so I have already squeezed my lemons and put the juice in my thermos with the maple syrup. (I used 10 tablespoons of each) so I can have 5 glasses of lemonade at work. I have my cayenne pepper in a ziplock bag with the 1/8th tsp. measuring spoon. I'm also carrying my 1 tbsp. measuring spoon so I can measure out my lemon/maple syrup concentrate into a glass.
I'll update this blog a little later! I better get ready for work!

I'm back. I have made it through day two. I started eliminating right away today and was on target with the book for a total of four a day. It really helped having enough lemonade mixture with me to make it all day. I had 4 lemonade's during my work day and had one cup of herbal tea. At the office my coworkers were eating Little Caesars bread sticks with the butter sauce and marinara sauce. I wanted to go on a binge. But I was strong!!! I didn't touch them. That's when I pulled out my herbal tea I sniffed the aroma a few times to get the bread sticks aroma out of my nose. I defeated food as I saliva was ready to drip out of my mouth for those darn breadsticks and I LOVE them more than the pizza. Then I went to the hair salon. That helped keep me occupied and not thinking about food or eating...especially smelling all the hair chemicals.
I just had my senna tea for tonight. I think I need to drink more water because I am feeling a little dehydrated and have a slight headache. Well I gotta get ready for bed. I have a challenging day ahead of me tomorrow. I will be flying and visiting relatives...I hope I can stay strong. Will let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Diet-Day 1

Last night I drank a cup of Organic Smooth Move Senna Tea before bed. This morning I got up at about 7:30 am and did a Salt Water Flush (SWF). For those of you that don't know the SWF consist of drinking 1 quart of warm water mixed with 2 teaspoons of unionized sea salt. You will use a laxative every morning and night of the cleanse. The SWF is an option in place of a laxative or the laxative tea.

I have had at least 4 eliminations by 11am. I have also had one glass of lemonade. The Book suggest 6-12 glasses of the lemonade a day. So I better drink up. It's almost 12:30pm now. I'll keep you updated...
So I had another 6 glasses of lemonade thru the rest of my day. I'm still hungry. I also had some herbal tea by Celestial Seasonings. I got the variety pack so I can try a few different flavors. Peppermint and Honey Vanilla Chamomile were today's choices. Off to bed early so I don't think about food! Good night!

The Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Diet- Intro

Hi My Name is Angela and I am doing the Master Cleanse aka the Lemonade Diet. This is my second time doing the cleanse. I found it to be very effective as a detox and for weight loss the first time (over a year ago) I lost 12 pounds.
Recently I have been feeling sluggish and my weight has been creeping upward. I stepped on the scale the other day and thought "OMG; I gotta do something about that." I have the urge to snack more often than I should and especially at night. My goal is to flush my system on the unhealthy things I have been eating, to jump start my body into a healthier state, and to lose weight. Post cleanse I plan to eat a healthier diet and maintain a healthier state of mind.

I have been reading the book titled "The Complete Master Cleanse: A Step-by-Step Guide to Maximizing the Benefits of The Lemonade Diet" by Tom Woloshyn, this is my Guide. The Lemonade diet is about will power and self control...I'm up for the Challenge!

I have been checking out other people's blogs and notice that a lot of people are mixing all ingredients into a gallon jug and trying to drink the lemonade after cayenne pepper has been sitting in it all day and this makes the lemonade extremely Hot.
If you choose to do the Master Cleanse I strongly urge you to try to make your lemonade fresh each time you drink it. If you cannot mix it fresh mix the lemon juice with maple syrup (equal parts of each) in a thermos or dark container and keep it cool. Then mix your cayenne pepper and water in a glass with the mixture when you are ready to drink it.

2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice ( preferably organic, but I'm using regular lemons)
2 tablespoons of organic Maple syrup ( I bought 1 quart jug at Home Economist Market)
1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
Add it all to 10 oz of pure water ( I am using Reverse Osmosis water)