Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 6

Day 6 has been the best day in all of my diet days! I got up at 7:40 am and did the SWF. I had the senna tea the night before and when I woke up it was already working. I had my first lemonade at about 10 am. So I finished four glasses by 2pm. I just sipped it every time I got hungry. Yes I am still a little bit hungry but once I drink the lemonade the hunger goes away for a while as if I just had a small meal. My energy level great I am not tired or dragging. I'm not sure how much weight I have loss yet but I will be weighing  myself to see. When I got to my second job the first thing I did was have two glasses of lemonade. This was my first day back from vacation and I was a bit worried about drinking so much and needing to use the bathroom but It wasn't bad at all. So I had a total of 9 glasses of lemonade today. I ended my night with a cup of senna tea. Come on day 7!

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