Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 8

Day 8 and two more days to go!!! I woke up at about 7:20 am because the senna tea was working from last night. I had my swf  and was having my first lemonade in the 9 o'clock hour. I realized you use a whole lot of water with this diet/detox. I need to go refill my four of my five gallons tomorrow. Today I am again prepared to be out all day. My thermos is filled with enough mixture to make 8 lemonades. I'm still pushing for 10 glasses. I'll be back later!
So it's about 11:30 pm now. Today went smoothly. I had a break in my day where I had a chance to relax and do some reading. I had six glasses of lemonade by 4pm. While at my night job I took  advantage of down time to make a lemonade so at about 6 pm I had two and at 8:15 I had another two. When I got home I had another lemonade just before I had my senna tea. So I that was a total of 11 lemonades today. I'm feeling good and thinking about the steps to coming off the liquid and moving back to solid food. I'm glad that I haven't been real hungry but I am missing food. The most annoying part of the diet/detox is having to use the bathroom so frequently. Well I'm saying goodnight now. Talk to you on day 9!

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