Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master cleanse / lemonade diet - day 9

Ok today is Day 9 WOW! I did my swf a little after 8am. I was moving slow this morning. Think I stayed up too late last night. The bad thing is I was trying to rush drinking the salt water. I stopped drinking to brush my teeth and then went back to the water I had about 1 cup left at the time. Gross alert! When I went back to drinking the salt water I vomited. Of course it was just water but that threw off my day even more. So I didn't start drinking my lemonade until about 10:30 am once I felt my stomach was settled. It's almost 1pm and I have only had 1.5 cups of lemonade. I think this will hinder me from reaching 11-12 glasses today. At least I'm not hungry and I've been tempted all morning. Poundcake in the breakroom, pumpkin bars in the news room... I just want to scream! LOL no really I'm fine. I'll check back later ant tell you how it's going.
Well I ended my day drinking my 10th cup of lemonade! So I did catch up. I again had senna tea just before bed! Well tomorrow is the last day and I am now thinking about the process of coming off the cleanse. I went to the grocery store and bought a bag of oranges and ingredients to make a vegetable soup. The first day after the cleanse you are instructed to drink fresh squeezed orange juice. Then later in the day eat oranges. So I'm prepared for that. I'll talk more about the veggie soup tomorrow!

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