Thursday, December 9, 2010

Master Cleanse/ Lemonade Diet-Day 2

Good Morning! I've made it to day 2! I am having my swf (salt water flush)right now. The book says to do the laxative tea or the swf. I prefer the swf because it doesn't make my stomach cramp as much as the tea. It's kind of disgusting to drink 4 cups of warm salt water but I have taken the advice of others and imagine I'm drinking chicken broth. I also try to drink it fast. Sometimes it's not so hard to trick your tastebuds! I have to go to work for about six hours today so I have already squeezed my lemons and put the juice in my thermos with the maple syrup. (I used 10 tablespoons of each) so I can have 5 glasses of lemonade at work. I have my cayenne pepper in a ziplock bag with the 1/8th tsp. measuring spoon. I'm also carrying my 1 tbsp. measuring spoon so I can measure out my lemon/maple syrup concentrate into a glass.
I'll update this blog a little later! I better get ready for work!

I'm back. I have made it through day two. I started eliminating right away today and was on target with the book for a total of four a day. It really helped having enough lemonade mixture with me to make it all day. I had 4 lemonade's during my work day and had one cup of herbal tea. At the office my coworkers were eating Little Caesars bread sticks with the butter sauce and marinara sauce. I wanted to go on a binge. But I was strong!!! I didn't touch them. That's when I pulled out my herbal tea I sniffed the aroma a few times to get the bread sticks aroma out of my nose. I defeated food as I saliva was ready to drip out of my mouth for those darn breadsticks and I LOVE them more than the pizza. Then I went to the hair salon. That helped keep me occupied and not thinking about food or eating...especially smelling all the hair chemicals.
I just had my senna tea for tonight. I think I need to drink more water because I am feeling a little dehydrated and have a slight headache. Well I gotta get ready for bed. I have a challenging day ahead of me tomorrow. I will be flying and visiting relatives...I hope I can stay strong. Will let you know how it goes.

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