Monday, January 18, 2016

Restaurante Raices

I had a late lunch in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico at a very authentic place called Restaurante Raices! A facebook friend recommended this place and one of their house specialties was Munfungo. I had heard of this dish but never had it. My thoughts were, there couldn't have been a better time or place to try it! The staff was friendly and attentive! I loved there outfits!!! The women wore all white long flowing skit outfits and white caps that reminded me of a pillow case. place was cozy and quaint with fun funky decor. We found the silverware in a small metal bucket on the table. We drank out of metal mugs with the company's logo! I chose the munfungo with shimp. I switched to yellow plantains instead of the green ones, had to pay a little extra but worth it. The mufungo was served in a medium sized Pilon with a plantain chip sticking out the side! My mouth is still watering as I think about the flavors of sweet plantains mashed in garlic butter served with plump juicy shrimp! Foodgasm alert!!! I also tried the Chuleta Kan Kan, that was a huge porkchop served with rice. Both dishes very flavorful! I left too full for dessert!!! In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger..."I'll be back! They have three locations Old San Juan, Cagus, and Hato Rey... Check out the website for more info!  

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