Thursday, January 14, 2016

Flying Jet Blue to Ponce!!!

I was on my way to Ponce, Puerto Rico. The only airline I could find headed to my destination was Jet Blue. Upon booking my ticket I found their website  easy to navigate. I checked in online and printed my boarding pass from home! I arrived at terminal 5 at JFK airport at about 10pm for a red eye that departed at 11:59pm. The security process was a breeze and I found the terminal easy to navigate.  They had touch screen directory's just pass security. The terminal was very clean, well lit and had a lot of shops and restaurants. I liked the employee uniforms, navy blue with a pop of orange. I passed many employees smiling as they made eye contact with me. They played good pop music, I heard Michael Jackson playing in the terminal! They had alot of tv's an a kiddie play station too! 

My flight departed about 15 minutes late. Mr. Friday, the gate agent made a couple announcements about the boarding being delayed. I was so tierd I'm not sure of the reason but we made it to Ponce on time. I remember his name because I though "Mr Friday is here helping me on Tuesday!" Yes, I admit I can  be a bit corny, LOL!!! The flight was approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes. The flight crew was pleasant and attentive. After the drink service they offered free snacks and food for purchase. I was pretty stoked to see they serve Duncan Donuts coffee! The pamphlet in the seat back was very informative listing menu items and free movie selections. The announcements were made in both Spanish and English. I found that the flight attendants did a great job of coming back often to make sure everyones needs were met! Ponce has a very small airport with only three gates. It was very easy to navigate and find my party meeting me upon arrival! I truly enjoyed my first flight on Jetblue!!!


  1. You're very beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your first flight with JB..... (flexxWilliams)

    1. Thank you! It was a great experience!!!