Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Kenny's Kitchen

Good food is hard to find! Sometimes you just have to know where to look; other times you may just stumble upon it. I have found really good food in places where it was least expected and it's normally off the beaten path! During my latest weekend getaway to Bermuda; I was on a hunt to find the best Traditional Bermudian Style Sunday breakfast on the island! I stumbled upon Kenny's Kitchen which was noted as the best place for Codfish and Potatoes according to the locals! The interesting part is Kenny's Kitchen is actually a catering company that only serves restaurant style meals on Sunday mornings at the Ex-Artilleryman's Club. It is located at 72 Victoria Street in Hamilton, Bermuda. I had a large plate of salted codfish and potatoes sauteed in butter onion sauce and topped with onions (and I add hot sauce). 
This traditional dish is served with a hard boiled egg, and avocado pear, cornbread and a banana. They also serve the codfish and potatoes covered in tomato sauce; which is the true traditional way to eat it!  A small plate is $15 and a large $17 dollars. The amount of food piled in my to go plate was enough for two people to share. There are a few table to sit and eat at the Ex-Artilleryman's club but I would suggest you take it to go! The rest of the week Kenny's Kitchen caters for groups of 5 to 500. The catering menu is very extensive and covers breakfast, lunch dinner and desserts. Let them cater your next business meeting, wedding or event in Bermuda! Contact information and menus can be found on their website at Bon Appetit!

Anjera Mari

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