Monday, January 10, 2011

The Oyster House, Pittsburgh PA

Hello Friends,
I was on an unofficial food trip this weekend! What makes it unofficial is a) I was just visiting my hometown and b) I didn't announce that I would be making a food stop. However when I go home I cant seem to resist the urge to have an original fish sandwich, onion rings and some oysters at the Original Oyster House in Market Square. I remember my family talking me there to eat as a child. It still smells the same. They make this special vinegar sauce that has some type of red peppers in it. I have to have this vinegar, tauter sauce, hot sauce and ketchup on my fish sandwich. Oh my mouth is watering again. Price is reasonable that huge fish sandwich is about 6 bucks. There are many other items on the menu. They have a bunch of black and white pictures all over the walls, some are of pageants others are boxers and some are just famous people that ate at the restaurant. Lots of History in the place. I spoke with the cashier and one of the cooks. The Original fish Sandwich is made with Cod. This place has been in existence for about 140 years! They have a restaurant entrance and a bar entrance thee two are connected. So it's great place to take the family for lunch or place to hang and have a couple beers! I'll post a few pics! 

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